Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Thursday night in Gananoque

 Please pardon my speech to text which is necessary this time.

On Thursday night I will be playing with a band called MARY JO in the Retros. This is MARY JO MAUR, myself, Cliff Trott on bass. James Trott trumpet, Suzanne Owen saxophone GARY BARRATT drums!   I think you would really enjoy it, honest! There is a lot of talent in that band. Earlier in the day, I am playing in a five piece band in front of Kings in City Hall. The band is called quintessential.  That’s quintessential was a Q. Suffice to say, there are several clarinets flute and saxophone plus a cello. All the Reid players double on something else. These are amazing amazing musicians  OK you know what I mean read our ED. Read our ED. Read spell REED

 It’s amazing you know, you have these clowns going around singing Johnny trash music in their big heroes, meanwhile these read players have spent years and years and years and years learning their craft play in obscurity.  Anyhow All this is happening Thursday. Thursday noon in front of Kingston City Hall at 12:30 to 130. Then with MARY JO Thursday night in Gananoque at the bandshell 6:30 PM.
Hey should we face north and play to the construction fence, or should we place east  and play to the ass and of the farmers market. Or should we play to the east and face the library?

Friday, 3 August 2018

boat for sale

We have a yellow fiberglass 'runabout' for sale with (old, but excellent) 35 HP Evinrude, and excellent trailer.    for $1000.   If interested, 613-382-1706.
Can be seen along Hi 32 on a farm just south of South Lake.

busy weekend starting Aug 3 2018

Friday aft 3-4 at Wedgewood Brockville
           eve 7-9 Gan Boat Lines with Doug Gravelle
Sunday   aft   private you can't come - near Sandbanks :)
Monday 1-5 Brockville Legion dance with Spare Change Trio.  $10

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Tomorrow night July 27 /18

Tim and Terry at Club 39 Belleville style at RCL Belleville @ 7pm.
....Always a nice light lunch after :)
....just west of N-A-P-A-N-E-E

slight change

The trio is not playing on GBL, Saturday night as stated in the calendar.
It was a little misunderstanding. I shall enjoy the night off.