Saturday, 12 January 2019

You never know

One never knows how a name can completely change meaning because of 
changes in politics or other social condition.
eg - there a clothing store in Brockville called ISIS.

A song co-written by Ben and I in early 90's has new meaning....

The Wall (Hallman-Dolansky) 

1~As I looked out my window..
Tell you what I saw  
Something there in front of me 
Something big and tall 
Can you guess it? 
Can you tell me what I saw?  
It's part of you  It's part of me 
But we don't realize it at all. 
  2~People build them all the time 
Build them in our hearts 
Brick by brick we build them up  
Tearing’ us apart 
Can you guess it? 
Can you tell me what I saw? 
It's part of you... 
3~We build them up.......... 
We can tear them down again 
Piece by piece.... 
So broken hearts can mend 
And when it comes down 
We'll be lovers 
we'll be friends (once again?) 
  4~....Let’s go and get a hammer! 
Tear down the wall that stands between us 
Piece by piece it's comin' on down 
.....Let's do it right now! 
....Take it right down  
.....Let's be lovers once again.

Perhaps Jan 19/19

Perhaps you would join H+H 
at RCL 631 
Saturday Jan 19/19 from 1-5

(not to mention H+H at Club 39 the night before!

what's in a name?

S0....this bartender Friday night wanted to pay us and needed the band name to put on the receipt...
so I said 'He's Hoffman and I'm Hallman, so we call ourselves HALLMAN+HOFFMAN.
And he says  - 'Great! - but what's your name?
So Terry played a few gigs under the name Terry Tanglewood, 
so we said our name is 'TANGLEWOOD'. 
He wrote it down and walked away happy.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Dec. 31/18 + Jan 1/19.

RCL Merrickville
Dec. 31, 2018

Spare Change (the trio)
RCL Brockville
Jan. 1, 2019

Picture: RCL Westport about 4 years ago.

Sunday, 9 December 2018


SATURDAY NIGHT.         Tim Hallman + Ben Dolansky


1 Got an old Chevy,  rusting through
Bank called, the mortgage is due
(I work) 5 days a week on this low-down job
Saturday night I'm ready to bop!

(can't wait for)
CH~Saturday night, it's my time for dancing
Saturday night, it's my time for romance,  and I
Take my Chevy to the neon lights
Got no troubles on Saturday night!

2 Saturday morning I get up late
No clock to punch
No boss to face
Take it easy
Pass the time
by Saturday night I'm ready to fly. (CHORUS)

   BR~Got no troubles on Saturday night!
   Money in my pocket
   Twinkle in my eye
   Drink a little whiskey
   Drink a little rye
   Saturday night I'm ready to fly!


3  Monday morning' comes soon enough
Back to coin' the same old stuff
5 more days to earn my pay
So Saturday night I can blow it away!