Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Something's come up this Saturday Oct 13, 2018.

H+H wii be at Elgin on Saturday 10-2 outdoors at the 'municipal facility' for an Elgin party.
Apparently the street is no longer torn up!
There is a barbecue at 12.
This is what we call a picture with most of the background removed.

We are told by Elginites, the weather will be good. So it will happen.
So.... after this were off to The Barn in Rockport 6-9:30.
i.e. assuming good weather, it's open to the public.
Theoretically unlimited tickets.
That would make 2 outdoor events on Oct 13! 
Who would've thunk it.

Does anyone out there have a spare pair of leeder-hosen I could wear?

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