Sunday, 9 December 2018


SATURDAY NIGHT.         Tim Hallman + Ben Dolansky


1 Got an old Chevy,  rusting through
Bank called, the mortgage is due
(I work) 5 days a week on this low-down job
Saturday night I'm ready to bop!

(can't wait for)
CH~Saturday night, it's my time for dancing
Saturday night, it's my time for romance,  and I
Take my Chevy to the neon lights
Got no troubles on Saturday night!

2 Saturday morning I get up late
No clock to punch
No boss to face
Take it easy
Pass the time
by Saturday night I'm ready to fly. (CHORUS)

   BR~Got no troubles on Saturday night!
   Money in my pocket
   Twinkle in my eye
   Drink a little whiskey
   Drink a little rye
   Saturday night I'm ready to fly!


3  Monday morning' comes soon enough
Back to coin' the same old stuff
5 more days to earn my pay
So Saturday night I can blow it away!

Another Saturday night

Thursday, 6 December 2018

something just popped up

I am performing at the 
Lansdowne Arts and Craft Sale
Today. from 4-8 at the 
Community Centre in Lansdowne.
I only found out about this 2 days ago and confirmed yesterday.
Hey!  I'm sure there's lots of room for dancing!

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Dec. 15/18

Hallman + Hoffman   
will be at Gan Legion (dance hall)
Dec.15 /18      7-11
Details to follow.