Friday, 15 February 2019

39 tonight Feb.15/19

Terry and I  are playing at the Kingston 39 Club tonight!
This is a last minute fill-in thing.
It is confirmed that we WILL play tonight.  (weather-wise)
The dance is on.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

error correction of error correction

I have corrected an error in my blog calendar.
H+H are NOT at RCL Gan Feb 17.  ..........only Feb. 24/19.   and March 31/19
Mallorytown on March 17.
I'm at home practising at this very moment.

and....RCL Collin's Bay Sat. afternoon March 9.(19)

Perhaps H+H will see y'all at 
Muskie Jakes , Gananoque.
this Saturday night (Feb.16/19) @8

Monday, 28 January 2019

Youtube 2018

Unknown to me, Brenda Cowan posted a video(s) from a Sunday afternoon dance.
Summer clothes.....remember that?

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

This Saturday night Jan 26/19

Terry and I are playing at an annual event in RCL Perth.
The Robbie Burns Dinner-Dance.
There is a Scottish meal followed by 
Student Scottish dancing, 
followed by H+H.
It is a well attended event with a large dance floor
in case you're wondering.

We will NOT attempt to play a bunch of Scottish music
but WILL perform 'Mull of Kintyre.'
(and, of course, 'Gay Gordons')

Saturday, 12 January 2019

You never know

One never knows how a name can completely change meaning because of 
changes in politics or other social conditions.
eg - there's a clothing store in Brockville called ISIS.

A song co-written by Ben and I in early 90's has new meaning....

The Wall (Hallman-Dolansky) 

1~As I looked out my window..
Tell you what I saw  
Something there in front of me 
Something big and tall 
Can you guess it? 
Can you tell me what I saw?  
It's part of you  It's part of me 
But we don't realize it at all. 
  2~People build them all the time 
Build them in our hearts 
Brick by brick we build them up  
Tearing’ us apart 
Can you guess it? 
Can you tell me what I saw? 
It's part of you... 
3~We build them up.......... 
We can tear them down again 
Piece by piece.... 
So broken hearts can mend 
And when it comes down 
We'll be lovers 
we'll be friends (once again?) 
  4~....Let’s go and get a hammer! 
Tear down the wall that stands between us 
Piece by piece it's comin' on down 
.....Let's do it right now! 
....Take it right down  
.....Let's be lovers once again.