Thursday, 8 August 2019

Aug 9 2017

Terry and I are looking forward to hitting the 39 Club tomorrow night!
It looks like the temperature should be reasonable this time!
Photo from several years ago at RCL Eastview, Ottawa.
We miss the place.

Thursday, 27 June 2019


Please note: H+H July 7 Little Texas cancelled!

HALLMAN AND HOFFMAN  have just picked up a last minute gig.
Creekside in Battersea Saturday June 29 (2019)  3-7pm.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Colonial Resort performances

July 2, 10,16,   August 26  + more in the fall!


cartoon from downtown Havana :)

half moon bay

The music director will be playing the 'Half Moon Bay' Church service on Sunday August 4th.(2019) In case you don't know - it's a Gan tradition - church service on Sunday afternoon on Bostwick Island. There are free boat rides out to the service. (yes FREE!!!!) The 'minister' that day is non other than Arch Deacon George V. Lambert - Anglican parish of the St. Lawrence, Brockville. The hymns are well-known classics :) Service is at 4pm. Meet the shuttle boats at Lions Lauching ramp docks (currently under water) at 3:15pm. If this continues - wear rubber boots. As far as I know it's rain or shine - there is an electric piano being used - it might be electrocute the piano player time.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Monday, 8 April 2019

Don't bring your dancing shoes!

I am playing in a trio with Terry, Gary Barratt under the name 
'The Tim Hallman Trio'
on Saturday night.
We chose to use this name because we think it is classier sounding than 'Spare Change'.
This is a wine tasting weekend in DT Kingston and we are strictly background music for the event.
(I wouldn't expect to much 'country' background music!)
It is at The Residence Inn Marriot. 7 Earl St. Kingston 
Ball room main floor, Waterfront.
We will be playing 7-10.

Here is the link to the event.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


ON APRIL 5/19 Deb Dunleavy is doing her
'Canoe Club Dance' show.
It was originally a 2 act 1 person play (written around 2012) 
but is adapted to 1 act 1 hour for this date. 
It is on the subject of Canoe Club Dances in the 1930's in Gan.
I know she did a lot of research on the show - 
interviewing locals who attended these dances.
If you're unaware - 
in the 30's, the present day 1000 Is. Theatre was then the Canoe Club.
(The present day canoe club is on the Gan River, 
referred to locally as 'the crick'.)
I am playing piano for her (and the show) - just piano!
As in,  me and her on stage.
In addition - Neil McCarney - manager of GBL 
and long long longtime Gan resident, 
and something of an actor, himself, will tell stories of the islands.
Then: There will be a dance wit
h H+H + Gary Barratt (Bobby Show) on drums.
In a perfect world, the dance portion would be 30's music 
- but that is not going to happen. I expect a large dose of 50's.
More info to come, 
including info on the 1000 Is. Playhouse website.
It should all be A BLAST!

cancellation notice

I have cancelled a date for 'Hallman Swing' at 39 Belleville June 21/19.
I am travelling to a far away place, instead.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

MARCH 17/19

Well my name is MacNamara........
The way I have it figured, 
I'm 1/8 Irish, (on my mother's side)
going back 2 generations 
IF everyone is 'pure'.
After all my name IS Timothy.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Youtube 2018

Unknown to me, Brenda Cowan posted a video(s) from a Sunday afternoon dance.
Summer clothes.....remember that?

Saturday, 12 January 2019

You never know

One never knows how a name can completely change meaning because of 
changes in politics or other social conditions.
eg - there's a clothing store in Brockville called ISIS.

A song co-written by Ben and I in early 90's has new meaning....

The Wall (Hallman-Dolansky) 

1~As I looked out my window..
Tell you what I saw  
Something there in front of me 
Something big and tall 
Can you guess it? 
Can you tell me what I saw?  
It's part of you  It's part of me 
But we don't realize it at all. 
  2~People build them all the time 
Build them in our hearts 
Brick by brick we build them up  
Tearing’ us apart 
Can you guess it? 
Can you tell me what I saw? 
It's part of you... 
3~We build them up.......... 
We can tear them down again 
Piece by piece.... 
So broken hearts can mend 
And when it comes down 
We'll be lovers 
we'll be friends (once again?) 
  4~....Let’s go and get a hammer! 
Tear down the wall that stands between us 
Piece by piece it's comin' on down 
.....Let's do it right now! 
....Take it right down  
.....Let's be lovers once again.