Wednesday, 6 March 2019


ON APRIL 5/19 Deb Dunleavy is doing her
'Canoe Club Dance' show.
It was originally a 2 act 1 person play (written around 2012) 
but is adapted to 1 act 1 hour for this date. 
It is on the subject of Canoe Club Dances in the 1930's in Gan.
I know she did a lot of research on the show - 
interviewing locals who attended these dances.
If you're unaware - 
in the 30's, the present day 1000 Is. Theatre was then the Canoe Club.
(The present day canoe club is on the Gan River, 
referred to locally as 'the crick'.)
I am playing piano for her (and the show) - just piano!
As in,  me and her on stage.
In addition - Neil McCarney - manager of GBL 
and long long longtime Gan resident, 
and something of an actor, himself, will tell stories of the islands.
Then: There will be a dance wit
h H+H + Gary Barratt (Bobby Show) on drums.
In a perfect world, the dance portion would be 30's music 
- but that is not going to happen. I expect a large dose of 50's.
More info to come, 
including info on the 1000 Is. Playhouse website.
It should all be A BLAST!

cancellation notice

I have cancelled a date for 'Hallman Swing' at 39 Belleville June 21/19.
I am travelling to a far away place, instead.