Wednesday 11 December 2013

Friday night at KYC

Friday night I'm playing at an annual Carol sing at Kingston Yacht Club. This is about the 5th year I've done it.  There are some amazing musicians there.   A flute player who can play absolutely anything by ear. Various singers in the St. George's choir, and my friend Wayne the drummer.
Update:  I must say, it was a wonderful evening - so many experienced, great, LOUD singers.
We just had a lot of fun singing!  We sang all the hits - carols and popular.
 guess I shoulda shot some video to prove it.......

Friday 6 December 2013

Home for Christmas Concerts, Sunday 2:30 and 8pm

OK , the big weekend is here. Shows on Sunday at 2:30 and 8pm. I'm playing a few solos on the grand piano and accompanying Diane Stapley, Cliff Edwards and we do all the Christmas hits.(with Dan and Michelle, Doug) Imagine - 2 guys with gold records on 1 stage!     Think about it.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Upcoming concerts

I'm involved in the 1st concert (Christmas) and the Bobby Show (end Feb.)  Hope to see y'all.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

CD's I have for sale.

Country hits. #10 is an original song by Tim and a co-writer.

More Country hits

Piano playing  in a band ala Floyd Cramer

Includes Mitch Miller and Vera Lynn medleys.

Friday 8 November 2013


If you ever wanted to watch young soldiers letting loose for a day,  this is the place to be!

Thursday 24 October 2013

Friday Gan Legion 4:30-7

Friday 4:30-7, I'll be at the Gan Legion for Jammin' in the Islands  with Mary Jo Maur (officially) and with 2 more that will make up an outstanding band. This should be fun!
(Then off to 39 Club for 8with MKM)

Friday 4 October 2013

Kingston Run for the Cure

Playing in a band (Dan and Doug) Sunday morning for 

'Kingston Run for the Cure'  at around 11-12:30

I have a feeling we may be playing all the 'rain' hits.  

I have actually laying an outdoor wedding, in my time,  by playing keys under a garbage bag.
This could happen again!

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Friday 13 September 2013


Brockville Legion is running a great birthday party on this Saturday afternoon 1-5pm featuring guessed it.

Tuesday 20 August 2013


From Bobby to Robbie to boat cruises
By Greg Burliuk, Kingston Whig-Standard
Thursday, August 15, 2013 10:01:26 EDT PM
Tim Hallman, whose group performs Saturday night at the RCHA Club, has led a very interesting musical life. (Supplied photo)


  • For 46 years Tim Hallman has been tickling the ivories, whether it be playing in rock bands in the 1960s to the present, where most weekends he can be found in Legion halls performing with a variety of groups. (He performs 120 times a year.)

  • He worked for a season on a TV show as a teenager and was asked to join a teenage idol’s backup band, where it’s possible he might have replaced Bob Dylan as a sideman.
  • Hallman wrote the award-winning entry in the Kingston Tercentenary song contest in 1973.
  • He and his trio, featuring vocalist Mary-Jo Maur and drummer Doug Gravelle, perform at the RCHA Club Saturday night.
  • Hallman lives in Gananoque now and has spent the last 40 years in the Kingston area but grew up in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, where he had plenty of brushes with fame.
  • For example, there’s the Bob Dylan story, which Hallman found out about only in the last couple of years when he and local singer-songwriter Michael Myers put together the Bobby Show, a tribute to pop singers from the early 1960s named Bobby.
  • One of them was Bobby Vee. Upon researching the show, Hallman discovered that when Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in 1959 it was in the middle of a tour and his band The Crickets recruited Vee to take over as vocalist for the remainder of the tour. Their keyboardist for that tour was a youthful Robert Zimmerman, a.k.a. Dylan.
  • “It was just around that time that Bobby Vee played at the London (Ontario) Arena,” notes Hallman, whose first band, The Trendsetters, was hired to back up Vee for the event. “So you could say I was Dylan’s replacement. Bobby liked us and offered us a gig touring with him as his band but for some reason our manager said no.”
  • The Trendsetters wanted to turn pro but Hallman still was in high school and couldn’t do so. However, shortly after he finished school, the group changed its name to The Carnival and secured a sweet TV gig, backing up singer Robbie Lane on the CTV teen show It’s Happening.
  • “It was a 36-week season and the music was pre-recorded except that Robbie and his guests sang live,” says Hallman.
  • The Carnival recorded the music and then mimed it on the stage.
  • “We’d record our music every two weeks. That was from the fall of 1968 to the spring of 1969, but the show was getting dated. For example, they had go-go dancers on it.”
  • For a while Hallman played piano music in a ballet school and then came to Queen’s University to study music in the early 1970s. He won $500 for capturing the Kingston Tercentenary song contest.
  • “They didn’t have it very well organized as to how to record the song,” says Hallman.
  • The drummer of The Carnival, Mike Oberle, had hooked up with Ian Thomas and Tranquility Base, a folk group that had performed with the Hamilton Philharmonic. Tranquility Base backed up Hallman on the recording of his song.
  • He taught music for 12 years in elementary schools and when it was taken off the curriculum he spent several more years in the Partners in Music program for the Limestone District School Board.
  • Since then he has performed in a number of venues. For a few years he played on boat cruises.
  • “One day I was playing in the Lions Club in Gananoque and I heard someone in the audience singing harmony,” says Hallman. “It was Doug Gravelle, who used to be the drummer in The Bells (a popular Canadian pop group from the late ’60s and early ’70s). These days I’m a super sideman a lot of times.”
  • For example, Hallman often plays with Gravelle and Cliff Edwards, also a Gananoque resident and the former lead singer of The Bells. He also teams up with Myers for The Bobby Show and plays keys in David Smith’s Sound of Jazz Band.
  • One of his favourite combinations is the trio with Gravelle and Maur, playing Saturday at the RCHA Club. They play 1960s music and light pop hits.
  • “Mary-Jo likes to sing Peggy Lee songs,” says Hallman. “And we do three-part harmony.”
  • Essentials
  • Who: The Tim Hallman Trio plays a mix of 1960s and country music.
  • Where: The RCHA Club, 193 Ontario St.
  • When: Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday 14 August 2013


Hey look!   I've dyed my hair and bought a Blackberry!

Whig Saturday.

I got a call recently. - out of the 'blue',  or nowadays , out of the 'cloud', from Greg Burliuk, writer for the Kingston Whig Standard. Greg saw my name in an RCHA ad. He thought to himself: 'There's a guy who's been playing with every musician  in Kingston for 30 years - I should interview him'! We talked for about an hour, yesterday, via telephone. There will be a feature article on me in the Whig this Saturday, presumably in the 'A+E' section. I hope he doesn't print everything we discussed:)

Monday 12 August 2013

Saturday night at the RCHA

This Saturday night I'll be at Kingston's RCHA (Ontario St.)  8-12 with Mary Jo Maur and Doug Gravelle.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

more BS

The Bobby Show is on the Island Star, the afternoon AND evening of Aug. 1.
Call the boatline for tickets.  613-549-5544

Ed Thompson tonight.

Tim, Ed Thompson and Wayne Morris
Tonight I'm in an instrumental trio with multi-reed player, Ed Thompson.   This is in a trio with drummer Wayne Morris at Lion's Garden (near Cat. centre)  @7pm.
Ed plays clarinet/sax(s)  and this will be mainly Dixieland - swing type music.
--------Saturday I'll be at a shore breakfast at Gananoque Playhouse parking lot at 9ish.  Great breakfast and vibes!

Friday 19 July 2013

DT Kingston ...and....tada.....Lansdowne.

       Pictured: Kingston RCHA and Doug and Cliff.
     Tonight I'll be with David Smith's 'Sounds of Jazz'  at Kingston City Hall  (ie the SW corner). @6:45.    (Not rain or shine - just shine)
     Saturday night I'll be with mystery band at Kingston's RCHA..... There'll be at least, Doug Gravelle and Terry Hoffman.  (@8ish-12)  
     Sunday at the fabulous Lansdowne Fair with Cliff Edwards (and Doug Gravelle),   (ie the 2 angry young men pictured above)  @3-6

Friday 12 July 2013

Elgin Days

You wouldn't want to miss my great performance tomorrow on the main street of Elgin - for 'Elgin Days'.  I'll be there 10am-12.  There's music before and after me too!   And the music will be live!!!

While I'm at it,  Don't forget Hallman and Hoffman at RCL Merrickville tonight.   7-11

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Sounds of Jazz

I am playing, this summer, in 'The Sounds of Jazz' - a 16 piece jazz band lead by David CM Smith. Mary Jo Maur is the 'vocalist' with the band. We are doing our first 'gig'  Thursday night @ Gan Bandshell 7pm.  The intent of the band is to play big band jazz (as opposed to big band standards). The band consists of: 4 Trombones, 4 Trumpets, 5 Saxes, Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocalist. There is doubling on various others.  cu there!

Sunday 30 June 2013


Tonight I'll be performing with Kevin Head, Craig Jones and Douglas Gravelle at Gan's Ribfest
at 8pm.  Come and listen to Let's Dance, Whiter Shade of Pale, and originals by K Head and myself,
Yes, I did say, myself.  Thanks to Jean Cutcliffe for PS'ing the curtain in the BG of this pic.

After the show,  I will quickly move to Hill Island Lodge for a 10PM show!  All welcome!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

At the moment I have 14 Twitter followers. (as opposed to JB's 3 million)
I would be most pleased if you'd decide to follow me, as I really think it's the easiest way to get really current information 'out there'.   @timmyhallman

Also on Facebook. Please be my friend....please....  and twitter

Tuesday 11 June 2013

remember Festival of the Islands?

.....taken from Cogeco recording circa 2008

Spare Change at the Festival

Tim singing 'DANIEL'

Doug singing 'OH LONESOME ME'

Dan Kas on guitar...

Thursday 23 May 2013


I'll be performing with Canada's own, Doug Gravelle at the Gan Bandshell, Saturday from 2-3pm.
It's Chalk the Walk day in Gan.

Merrickville Legion

The Merrickville (Ontario) Legion 

H+H at the Friday night dinner - dance

It's another busy Legion weekend for Hallman and Hoffman. We'll be at Merrickville on Friday night @7pm and on to RCL Eastview Saturday @7, Sunday @4. The public is always welcome!

Monday 13 May 2013

Dance at Westport

Congratulations to the Westport Legion for the fine dance they held, Saturday night. It was well attended, and I expect we'll 'do it again'.  Again, big thanks to the volunteers that make it happen. Notice the Queen looking on, enjoying the band. She was tickled pink with Douglas.

Thursday 9 May 2013

Busy weekend

               Saturday night @ RCL Westport.
Another busy weekend coming up. 2 private things Friday. East of Gan, West of Prescott, North of 'the river', South of Athens.
Saturday at RCL Deseronto with H+H. 3-6.
Then, 8-12, joined by one of the very few people around with a gold record, Doug Gravelle,  at RCL Westport. This is a dance. (they used to have these things back in the old days)
No rest for the wicked, though. Sunday at 10:15 at (Queen's) University Club for Mother's day brunch.

Friday 3 May 2013

H+H performing Saturday May 4 at Collin's Bay Legion.   2-6pm
UPDATE was a great afternoon with many old friends there. doing it again July 20.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

@Smith's Falls Friday night

Hallman Hoffman will be at RCL Smith's Falls, @7pm Friday night,  for a dinner followed by dance. (and general socializing)   There is a great meal and a large dance floor for those who really 'get into it'.      Here's a blurb from the Legion:
Friday:       Every second Friday when Hall is available,  Friday TGIF dinner & dance.  These are fun theme dances put on by our Ways & Means committee.                
Open to Public                    Here's Legion home link:
update:  'Twas a great night in S Falls!  It was actually a volunteer appreciation night so lots of 'happening' people were there!   Great meal and dance.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

RCHA Kingston

Hallman + Hoffman will make their RCHA debut Friday night at Kingston's RCHA Club. 8ish-12. There'll be lots of....well....oldies - both 'Country' and 'Pop'. (light)  There'll be no 'classic rock' on Friday night. There's a nice wooden dance floor and great atmosphere. I say this because recently, a lady pointed out to me that there's no wooden dance floors left and it's hard on the legs.

Sunday 7 April 2013


ET and Friends at Queen's Swingdance Club
I played last night for the Queen's Swing Club with Ed Thompson and Friends. The video isn't the best (as I was playing piano with right hand and shooting video with left) but you can see the band members and the high quality dancing that happened. People who talk about wayward youth should see these cool cats.

Monday 4 March 2013

Cuba and Music

4 talented musicians playing in the lobby.
On the streets of Havana.

Hey world! I'm just back from Cuba, where I experienced an amazing musical world. I could say a lot of things about Cuban life, but I'll leave that to others.
As I understand things, anyone can get a university education in Cuba and lots of talented musicians study music. Again, as I understand it, they are then required to work a government job for 3 years until they're free to do whatever. One government job is, entertaining in a hotel. In the hotel lobby every night was one, then another band or group. They generally play traditional Cuban folk music - always with bass, guitar and percussion.  (One group played things such as My Way and Hotel California) Sometimes there's also sax or flute. I found that usually they all doubled on something. I witnessed a man playing guitar and one night, he sat down and was an amazing piano player! A female lead singer told me she was a French Horn major at university and also plays piano. There was a grand piano in another lobby where a talented, trained pianist would show up every night, and play for 3 hours. (I played for an hour one night, got tips, and left the money sitting. That's a first!) The music they played was not so Cuban - but typical lounge piano music. On a trip to Havana I listened to busker bands in the streets and saw several grand pianos in lobbies. I walked into a museum and heard a piano - clarinet - bass clarinet trio playing for tips. (classical music)
       I also had the privilege of seeing the Tropicana Nightclub Show in Havana.  It's just an amazing show - outdoors in the evening, tremendous costumes and LIVE music (is there any other kind?), magicians, balancing acts.... One thing I figured out is that all Carribean resort shows are just cheap imitations of the Tropicana show - it's the real thing.    To get an idea: SEE

     On the dark side of things, the classy musicians arrive by bus, go through security, perform, leave through security and get back on their bus with the other hotel workers - off to their homes in 'non tourist' cities. These musicians really have no idea what 'Youtube' is and don't have email addresses. Chances are very good they'll never see my blog when it goes 'viral'.
5 Talented musician gals.

Sunday 3 March 2013

More Cuba music videos.

The Cuban Tres
Read about the Cuban Tres

4 Guys Dancing, Singing, Playing. Awesome!

Gretel the French Horn player...
Gretel told us, she lives in Havana and travels by bus 2 hours every gig night to perform and then 2 hours home. She majored in music in university - on the French Horn , and plays piano too. Our tour guide to Havana was a school English teacher - who did his 3 years, quit and became a tour guide. The salaries for the 2 jobs are about equal, but teachers don't get tipped!  All bands were selling CD's, recorded in Matanzas.  (They knew nothing of iTunes)

Cuban lobby pianist! Looks like she made it.

Veteran entertainer - Guitar and Piano.

Saturday 2 March 2013

The sad state of 'music' in the Dominican Republic.

Typical Guy - Girl Dominican duo.
She stares at Laptop while he fakes his piano.

   On a recent trip to the DR,  I stayed at a relatively top notch place, and everything about the place was first class - except the entertainment and the 'music'. Now, I know some consider my views rather extremist, but here goes: DJ's don't play music. Apple doesn't sell music. Radio stations don't play music. Musicians play music. There is only live music.There is no dead music.
     After the recent lip syncing of what's-her-name at the Super Bowl, and what's-his-name at the Grey Cup, it makes you wonder where the world is headed, 'musically'. 
     Perhaps 10 years ago, I was walking into a Legion, keyboard under arm,  and a guy opened up his car window and yelled 'You the DJ tonight'?  People have come up to me as I play the piano and tell me I'm a great DJ. I have honestly come to believe that people are so uneducated about music, that they literally don't understand the difference between a DJ and a musician. (btw - I use the term Space Bar, not DJ now, as most of them just 'play'  laptops). 
     Anyway - I digress - back to the DR. Space Bars are everywhere at the resort - for yoga, weddings, poolside dance instruction, and night time shows. Most, if not all Carribbean resorts use 'animation' teams - young energetic adults who lead you through everything from ping pong to yoga, and this includes stage shows at night. (I am not knocking them, they work very long and hard.) Sometimes these stage shows are games which feature audience members or, they are tribute shows with big costumes and …. lip syncing.  How nice to see the Michael Jackson show with lip syncing.  Meanwhile there is another common form of music at these resorts: a male - female keyboard duo - she sings, he plays and sings. The male runs midi files on the keyboard, while they sing. This year it has sadly digressed. I saw: 
  1. a male - female duo with a Yamaha keyboard.  The 'music stand' supported the laptop - from which the background trax were played. The keyboard was not hooked up. Piano parts were in the background trax  and he faked the piano - he physically play-faked the piano. She sang nicely enough - but not harmony - she didn't know how.  
  2. A similar duo, except he used - get this - a cell phone to play the trax. He still had the laptop for lyrics, and the keyboard.  So, near the end of one song, he would be on his cell phone choosing the next song. (I think it was Android based.) (He, of course, was kind of hiding all this behind the laptop) 
  3. A singer-guitarist singing duo. Trax were on the laptop, guitar parts were on the trax and he played a few notes here and there. Basically, the guitar was but a prop. There was singing on the background trax. Both were quite good singers, and both could sing harmony. I also saw him faking away as a solo act. (to his credit, he did learn a sort of solo in 'La Bamba')
     I did have one good musical experience. In the restaurant, several nights, were 2, older, male, acoustic guitar player-singers, who circulated and did requests. They were experienced, talented, and wonderful and….playing Dominican music. (plus the ever present Guantanamera) I told the manager "That was the act that should be on the main stage instead of the junk that's up there;. ("Oh gosh, don't say that!") 
     This whole scene made me wonder a few things. Sitting in a corporate office somewhere, is there an entertainment 'consultant', who distributes the same background trax to all these 'musicians'? They all sound the same and play the same instruments and songs. Is it cheaper to hire a non player than a player? Does the hirer have any idea what he's doing? There must be tons of musicians in the Dominican, and it would be so interesting to hear/see them playing Dominican music, instead of trax of American (and Dominican) songs off a cell phone. Why is the resort so classy and so crappy musically? I'm sure the economy is such that they could hire talented musicians for next to nothing.
I just don't get it. .....stay tuned for Cuba.....

Dominican music star Joe Veras