Thursday 24 May 2018

@ the Colonial 2018

Doug and I will be at the Colonial Resort
May 31
June 5, 20, 28
8-9:45 or so
Hey! Look at the picture!
Let's all go for a free breakfast!

Schedule change

Doug Gravelle and I aka SPARE CHANGE will be on Gan Boat Lines 
Friday night sunset cruise on July 20 Not July 13 (2018)

Monday 14 May 2018

My youtube channel ..........duh

For a number of years, going back to when Google bought Youtube,  I have had 2 Youtube 'channels' , or so I thought.  
However, I think I have figured this all out and the fact is I have ONE Youtube channel  at

If you then choose 'videos' or go to
you will see many videos I have posted over several years.
(not all about music)
I hope to post more and newer ones, soon.

I reckon it would be good if you 'subscribed' to my Youtube channel :)

JONES FALLS, MONDAY. on the W. side of the canal!

follow the Jones Falls Rd etc.  (off 15)  to the park.

Hey! I updated my calendar!

Hey! I updated my calendar!