Friday 30 October 2020


A number of years ago I recorded a guitar player - singer named Orville Rumleski, who lives near Timmins. (long story) From July to now I've been slowly re-recording the instruments, and adding guitar by Mark Wilkins, Orville writes and sings country gospel music. My function in the whole process was to record him and be the instruments - like drums, bass, piano. In fact I was even a string orchestra and choir all by myself. So...if you're interested check him out at There's an album there called Rescue Me which I'm not involved in but the band in all the others is 'me'. Sometimes I'm even a background singer! (also at Bandcamp is thousands of others including Michael K. Myers, Don Norman and 'moi'.

Tomorrow and Sunday

I'm playing a grand piano in the centre of the 

Firehall Theatre, Gananoque 

main performance room, 

with artisans and their art surrounding me, 

tomorrow Oct.31/20 and Sunday Nov 1/20

from 12-3pm. each day

Be sure to come at the right time, Sunday!

I will be playing whatever mellow sounding schmoozing music that comes into my head.

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 -Wear a mask but leave the gun at home.


Tuesday 25 August 2020

Thursday night August 27/2020

 Hope y'all are enjoying the summer!

On Thursday night, I am playing in a 4 piece band in a Karen Carpenter Show - live streamed.

I repeat 'Live streamed' and only live streamed.

This starts Jan Wilkens and hubby Mark on bass, Gary Barrat on drums and moi.   All but Gary will sing.

Now this is a little tricky so listen close! It's 7-8 pm show!  sponsored by the musicians union.

At about 6:50. go to

At that site at close to 7pm the show shall appear.

I hope you're able to enjoy this audienceless show!

If you have problems try!

my Facebook page

Kingston Musician's Union facebook page

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Tim on Bandcamp

     Hello out there!  I'm still alive!
     I hope you are all well!

Some of you know all about the following, but for the others....

     For literally years, I have been looking for a place to put original songs (and other recordings) for sale on the internet - without setting up a payment system on my own!
Kington's Don Norman put me onto Bandcamp.

     I now have a Bandcamp 'site' (along with thousands of other musicians in the world!
On my site, you can listen to the songs I put there, and buy a song at a  price of $1. You have the option to buy it for more, if you so choose!  You need to pay by PayPal.
     I have placed about 15 original songs there so far with more coming.   Most are co-written but several are 'all mine'.   In the future I expect to put them in 'albums', so you can buy an 'album'.
     btw....I know you're wondering.......Of the $1, I get about $0.60.

    All of the songs are recorded by working at home, (since around 1990)  in an Apple recording program called LOGIC.   Everything is 'virtual' - drums, bass, strings, etc etc etc,  except that I have some live guitar playing by Terry Hoffman  and Don Norman on some songs.  Please check out my friends on Bandcamp - Don Norman and Michael K. Myers. (Mike has just started....)

I'll be adding more songs, soon, as soon as I get together with ....hmmmm..some guitar player. - and keep my distance!
     I can put 'cover versions' on Bandcamp and as long as I don't sell a million copies, apparently nobody cares.   So....expect some cover versions. (with friends)

     Meanwhile, I am playing at a church service every Thursday morning!  ....with me, the minister, 1 choir member, and the videographer.   ...and we keep our distance.   I then edit the video at home, and lately put the video in LOGIC and add virtual drums and things, and then post the movie on Youtube.
If interested, you can search on Youtube 
'Christ United Church, Lyn.'   
     Interesting note: more people are watching the movie, than actually attend church

Adios Amigo and Amiga

Tuesday 7 April 2020

GBL cancelled

The government has officially shut down all tourist cruise boats and related activity until at least July 1. I was scheduled to play with DOUG on GBL every Friday night starting mid June through the summer. As CAROLE KING says “It might as well rain until September.”

Update June 1
There may be some cruises but cancel all music.

Of course, Gan Ribfest is also cancelled

.....shall I go on?

Monday 16 March 2020

Tomorrow - March 17. 2020.

OK it’s official. Brockville RCL March 17 is cancelled. Also 39 Club the next 2 weeks including H+H March 27. I'm thinking I might get together with Terry and live stream a concert so you can dance at home. I'm writing a new country song: 'All you ever do is use me.'

Friday 13 March 2020


We have just confirmed with Merrickville that they are going ahead with the dance tonight.
Mallorytown has cancelled the Sunday afternoon dance.
....from a flea market in Florida recently :)

Saturday 29 February 2020


Just in case you're not sure...H+H will be at 
Collin's Bay RCL  March 14 @1-5
Mallorytown RCL Sunday March 15 @1-5
Brockville RCL March 17 @1-5
Watch for Tim on TV! 
Blue Jays Dunedin Friday March 6 @1:07
Sportsnet :)
About 8 rows up slightly past 3rd base.
It will not rain.

Wednesday 15 January 2020

I'm learning Tamborine.


OK    NYE is over, 'been to Cuba,
 (missed weather last week haha)
and ready to go.
Terry and I will be at Club 39 Friday night - rarin' to go!

On Saturday afternoon, (Jan 18/20) (1-5)
we move over to 'the lounge'. 
We will have a special singing guest - 
Mary Jo Maur will join us for about an hour around 3. 
(I should say Prof. Mary Jo Maur as she is now a Queen's Law Professor.   
Here's a movie of the 2 of us long ago. or here