Tuesday 23 April 2013

@Smith's Falls Friday night

Hallman Hoffman will be at RCL Smith's Falls, @7pm Friday night,  for a dinner followed by dance. (and general socializing)   There is a great meal and a large dance floor for those who really 'get into it'.      Here's a blurb from the Legion:
Friday:       Every second Friday when Hall is available,  Friday TGIF dinner & dance.  These are fun theme dances put on by our Ways & Means committee.                
Open to Public                    Here's Legion home link:
update:  'Twas a great night in S Falls!  It was actually a volunteer appreciation night so lots of 'happening' people were there!   Great meal and dance.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

RCHA Kingston

Hallman + Hoffman will make their RCHA debut Friday night at Kingston's RCHA Club. 8ish-12. There'll be lots of....well....oldies - both 'Country' and 'Pop'. (light)  There'll be no 'classic rock' on Friday night. There's a nice wooden dance floor and great atmosphere. I say this because recently, a lady pointed out to me that there's no wooden dance floors left and it's hard on the legs.

Sunday 7 April 2013


ET and Friends at Queen's Swingdance Club
I played last night for the Queen's Swing Club with Ed Thompson and Friends. The video isn't the best (as I was playing piano with right hand and shooting video with left) but you can see the band members and the high quality dancing that happened. People who talk about wayward youth should see these cool cats.