Monday 20 February 2017

There's something happening here

For some time, Rev. Wendy McLean has thought of doing
some sort of 'hippie' Sunday
- espousing the higher ideals of the hippie movement.
This is part of her overall 'Peace' initiative.
So... next Sunday it's happening. 
It's at Christ United Church, Lyn, Ontario.
Terry Hoffman and the choir will join me for such things as
' Eve of Destruction', 
'If you're going to SF',
'If I had a hammer',
 'Where have all the flowers gone'.  
 .....and the proverbial 'more'.
Check out the Christ United Church Facebook group.
Chirst United Church Feb. 26, 2017 10:30 am service.
12 Perth St. Lyn Ontario.

Sunday 19 February 2017

Charleville Snowmobile Club

Next Sunday (Feb. 26th) I'm filling in with 'R+B COUNTRY' at
Charleville Snowmobile Club
(I replace the guy on the right)
The dance is 2-5, followed by a supper.
This is a 5 piece band with guitar(s), fiddle, bass, drums and moi.
One of those guitar players is Brenda Kelly, who does most of the singing!
I'm told the fiddle player is excellent (though I haven't met him, yet.)
(He's coming from PQ - very interesting.)
Google map Charleville On. - somewhere N of Maitland.
To reserve a ticket:   Ruth Patterson 613-925-3001
Capacity is 100.

Friday 3 February 2017

just confirming.....

H+H will will at Club 39 Feb.10/2017

despite anything you read anywhere else.