Monday 25 December 2017

New Year's Day! 1-5

New Year's Eve

The band will be Tim Hallman, Doug Gravelle,
 and Gananoque's own Rob Loree on guitar.
Perhaps this should be called 'The Gan Band'.

Monday 13 November 2017


I'm 'organizing' a CHRISTMAS VARIETY SHOW DEC. 3, 2017
at Christ United Church in Lyn.
This will be an afternoon show starting at 1:30PM.
There will be Christmas and not Christmas (mainly 'country') music.
Performers will be 'SPARE CHANGE' (the trio), 
Tickets are $10 (no tax)
There is a sandwich - soup meal before
(i.e. after church) with free will offering.
That 'meal' should start around 12:15
There will be 'guest' performers!
They will all be backed up by my wonderful trio!
1. Brenda Kelly
2. Steven LaFirst
3. Deborah Dunleavy
4. Paul Less
5. Ron and ___ Edgley
It's gonna be BIG!

Thursday 9 November 2017

THE WEEKEND OF NOV. 10-11-12, 2017.

Friday night H+H at RCLBell's Corner's. @7:30.
If you go to their website you'll see they have incorrectly labelled us as a country band, 
but as you know, we are much more. :)

Saturday RCL Brockville 1-5 
H+H + Doug better known as Spare Change the trio.
It is always a major event there. (what with Brockville rifles etc.)
We will be performing about 10 'war hits'
We'll Meet Again
White Cliffs of Dover
Lili Marlene
Long way to Tip
Pack up your troubles
Berkley Square

Saturday night Muskie Jakes Gananoque 8pm - 11.
i.e. Gananoque Inn
Spare Change i.e. Tim and Doug

Sunday church Lyn at 10:30 (for the public), 
9:30 for me.   (choir practise)

......there are other private gigs, Friday, afternoon.
Have a close look at Doug's cymbal stand.
zoom right in!

Thursday 2 November 2017

Saturday night update (Nov. 4-17)

Well, I'd have to say, if you missed it,  you missed a great show.
We used 2 keyboards (me and Paul Harding) to cover all the strings, piano, brass, etc and I was playing a 9 foot Steinway Grand....and the Carpenter music was just made for that!
The 'sound' was awesome!

Wednesday 25 October 2017


I'm performing in a show at Brockville Arts Centre, Nov. 4. (17)
It's a 'Cliff Edwards' production of Neil Diamond and the Carpenters. 
There's a lot of (exposed) piano playing in the Carpenter's music so I'll be..concentrating! 
Hope to see y'all there.

Saturday 21 October 2017

all in a name

Hallman + Hoffman, 'Tim +Terry', 'H+H', 'Spare Change minus Doug'
at RCL 631 today 1-5 in the lounge.

Thursday 12 October 2017


                  HEY!  It's a rather busy weekend coming up.

3. Sat. aft. Gananoque Hot Roast company 1-4 with Doug.  We'll be cookin'.
4. Sat. night  7:30ish Amherstview Catholic Church annual Octoberfest with H+H. It'll be heavenly.
5. Sunday morning. Christ United Church Lyn  10:30
6. Sunday afternoon 3-7  the Moose Ottawa.  It's kind of a private club but we can get you in.

Image result for tim hallmanI typed Tim Hallman into Google images and this is what I found.
Hey!  Try it with YOUR name.
Image result for tim hallman

Thursday 5 October 2017

Colonial Tonight

Terry and I are playing at the Colonial Resort tonight 8-10ish.
It is for a senior bus tour, but the public is welcome as long as it doesn't exceed 1000 people.

Saturday 30 September 2017

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Friday 4 August 2017

Thursday 3 August 2017


H+H will be at RCL Brockville  this 'holiday Monday 1pm-5. (Aug 7/17)
Come on out - you might see anybody there!

Thursday 6 July 2017

no Elgin Days for Tim

I've had to cancel my main street performance at Elgin Days to play at a funeral instead.

Monday 26 June 2017

July 2 Ribfest Gan

Terry, Doug and I will be at Gan Ribfest  - July 2 from 5-6. It will not be raining.

Monday 19 June 2017

Friday 19 May 2017

May 19 2017 Busy weekend for H+H

Tonight we make our triumphant return to the fabulous Merrickville Legion.
(ie after I play at Wedgewood 3-4)
This is a weekly Friday night dinner - dance.
It should be well attended with boaters on the Rideau for the BIG weekend. 
That's why they booked the BIG band!:)
SOUND @ 7.

Monday we'll be at an outdoor picnic at the Jone's Falls Locks
(on the west side in a little park - you can find it)
Sound @12-2
See the little park? (like - behind the 2nd boat) 
They even have a tent set up for us.
Bring your own pop and desert. Methinks it's a barbecue.
and last but not least  - Sunday night I'll be at the Elgin's Lion's Hall 
playing for a Mason's lady's night! 
It's a dinner and listen to Tim for a bit.
Music starts at 6 dinner at 6:30 

Friday 5 May 2017

Brockville Multi Cultural Festival

Tonight (May 5, 2017) these ruffians are performing at the Brockville Multi Cultural Festival.
(Brockville Memorial Center). (I assume the ice is out)
We are scheduled for 8:15 and later, but I expect we'll do one show for about an hour instead.
(otherwise moving equipment on-off stage twice grrrrrrr)
We have 2 shows planned - at '50s-60's' and an International.
Expect a polka or two.
When Irish eyes are smiling............

in the pic - the 2 on the right are at RCL 631, Collin's Bay
Saturday 1-5 pm i.e. May 6, 2017

Saturday 8 April 2017

Barrhaven last night.

'Twas a great night in RCL Barrhaven, last night. (i.e. April 7, 2017.)
They do a great Friday night dinner - dance.
(Roast beef last night, though I didn't partake.)
Things are always just slightly more interesting in Ottawa, 
since you always have  the 2 'official' cultures present.
Thanks to the volunteers that make it happen!

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Saturday night

Firstly  - thanks to all who 'showed up' last Friday night at Gan Legion. 
 It was a hoot!
    Thanks to Earl/Lorraine Clancy for a video of the proceedings. Gan Legion March 17

This Friday night - namely March 24,  
Terry and I are at 39Club Belleville 8-12.

Then, Spare Change - the trio - will be playing for a bonspeil at Gan Curling Club.
There is 'karaoke' from 4-7 followed by Spare Change at 7:30.
There would be 'no charge'.  
There is a fair sized dance floor - perhaps 20x20(ft) 
and we are planning on not setting up on the dance floor.

Thursday 16 March 2017

Thursday 9 March 2017

New H+H CD @Club 39 tommorrow night March 10/2017

H+H will be at 39Club tomorrow night. 
We will have a newly completed CD for sale for $10,
or, if it helps,  think of it as 'free - just play a fee'.
We'll be at RCL 631 Sat. aft. 1-5.

Thursday 2 March 2017

Tim's updated schedule as post!

'Gigs' for the Public! 
(and also quite a few private)

3 Wedgewood 3-4 H+H
8 Elgin Sr. @12
10 Maple View Lodge Athens 2-3
10 39 Club H+H @RCL 631 7:30
11 RCL 631 1-5 H+H
12  Moose Lodge, Ottawa 4-8
17 WW Brockville 2-3 (H+H)
17 RCL Gan  
Spare Change the trio @5
22  Royale Place Kingston  2-4 
24   39 Belleville H+H @8
25 Gan Curling Spare Change Trio
(bonspiel but I'm sure public welcome)
31 Crown Ridge Trenton
10 Cons. Pond Kingston
13 Christ United Church Lynn @7 Maundy Thursday
14 Christ United Church Lynn @7 Good Friday
19 Br GH
21 WedgeWood 3-4
21 Bells Corners RCL H+H @7
28 39 CLub H+H RCL 631 @7:30
29 Probus Club Gan  H+H
at Curling Club  dinner-dance
5 Brockville Multi Cultural Festival
Spare Change Trio 2 1/2 hour shows 8:30 and 9:30
a 50-60's show + and 'International' show
RCL 631 1-5 H+H
9 Glen House bus tour
17 Van Horne S Falls
18 SC Trio Brockville
 St. L. College @5
19 WedgeWood 3-4
26  39 Club H+H RCL 631 @7:30
10 Luna Brockville private
16 WedgeWood 3-4
17 RCL 631 1-5 H+H
16  39 Club H+H RCL 631 @7:30
20 Glen House Bus
22 Cons Pond Kingston
23 GBL Sunset Cruise
Spare Change (Tim+Doug)
Wedgewood 1-3ish H+H
1 a wedding in Napanee @5
12 Br GH
14 'Royale Place' Kingston 2-3
20 Gananoque Band Shell
Mary Jo and the Retros @6
21  39 Club H+H RCL 631 @7:30
28 39 Belleville H+H @8
4 GBL Sunset Cruise
Spare Change 
11 GBL Sunset Cruise
Spare Change 
25 39 Club H+H RCL 631 @7:30
30 Glen House bus tour
31 Gananoque Band Shell
Spare Change Trio @6
15 39 Club H+H RCL 631 @7:30
28 'Beautiful Noise'
Island Star noon cruise
29 'Beautiful Noise'
Island Star noon and supper cruise
7 a wedding - MJ + Retros
11 Br GH
14 Amherstview Octfest H+H
20 39 Club H+H RCL 631 @7:30
17 39 Club H+H RCL 631 @7:30
7 Royale Place 6:30
15  39 Club H+H RCL 631 @7:30
MAY 26
(ie Fri. night cruises)
Sp Ch (Tim and Doug)
June 23 6:30
July 4 6:30
July 11 6:30

Monday 20 February 2017

There's something happening here

For some time, Rev. Wendy McLean has thought of doing
some sort of 'hippie' Sunday
- espousing the higher ideals of the hippie movement.
This is part of her overall 'Peace' initiative.
So... next Sunday it's happening. 
It's at Christ United Church, Lyn, Ontario.
Terry Hoffman and the choir will join me for such things as
' Eve of Destruction', 
'If you're going to SF',
'If I had a hammer',
 'Where have all the flowers gone'.  
 .....and the proverbial 'more'.
Check out the Christ United Church Facebook group.
Chirst United Church Feb. 26, 2017 10:30 am service.
12 Perth St. Lyn Ontario.

Sunday 19 February 2017

Charleville Snowmobile Club

Next Sunday (Feb. 26th) I'm filling in with 'R+B COUNTRY' at
Charleville Snowmobile Club
(I replace the guy on the right)
The dance is 2-5, followed by a supper.
This is a 5 piece band with guitar(s), fiddle, bass, drums and moi.
One of those guitar players is Brenda Kelly, who does most of the singing!
I'm told the fiddle player is excellent (though I haven't met him, yet.)
(He's coming from PQ - very interesting.)
Google map Charleville On. - somewhere N of Maitland.
To reserve a ticket:   Ruth Patterson 613-925-3001
Capacity is 100.

Friday 3 February 2017

just confirming.....

H+H will will at Club 39 Feb.10/2017

despite anything you read anywhere else.

Thursday 26 January 2017

39 Club Friday night ie January 26/2017

Hallman + Hoffman at RCL Collin's Bay Friday night. 
Why would you go anywjere else? One of the best dance floors anywhere.
(Direct from my Facebook)

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Beautiful Noise January 28-29

This is a new show I am in - organized by Cliff Edwards.  
It is the music of Neil Diamond and 'The Carpenters'
So far, we're performing it at 
the Firehall Theatre and 
the Island star (Kingston) Tour Boat.
Featuring, of course, yours truly :)
At the Firehall, I'll be playing a grand piano - 
gorgeous for the Carpenter music.
Times: Saturday 7:30  Sunday 2:30

We've only just begun........