Wednesday 13 November 2019


...and we'll be at RCL Collin's Bay Saturday afternoon NOV. 16/19 1-5

We'll be in Trenton RCL Friday night @8, NOV. 15,/19which is where the '39 Belleville' is now held!
We intended to use this set list last Friday in Merrickville - 
but strayed quite a bit from it (on the country - side)
because 'the rockers' weren't there.
I intend to try this list again in Trenton.

Tuesday 5 November 2019

I have a problem

I have a musical problem that you may want to help me with.
I have too many songs to choose from.
There have been a lot of great songs in the past 50-60 years, 
and since I have a repertoire of:
Country, Pop, Irish, Octoberfest, Christmas, 
Bobby songs, Latin songs, Caribbean,
Disco, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's to now, 
belly rubbers, Hallowe'en, Swing, Elvis, Waltzes ....
.... I hope you get the picture.
When I play at a dance I need
to get my list down from about 900 to 40 songs.
Yes,  I said 40 songs.
Would you send me an email? (
and tell me the 40 songs I should play at a dance.
It would save me a lot of work!
I'm not trying to start WWIII here,
but I'd like to know your thoughts. :)
Meanwhile, I'll keep practising.

Friday 11 October 2019

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Hey look! We have a new name - 'Live Music'

Terry and I will be 'doing' this event 7-10.
Expect lots of accordion (keyboard) sounds.
Weather permitting, we will be outside on a stage.
This will be a sold out event at 'The Barn'
There will be lots of dancing but not on a  classic dance floor per se.
(more like barn boards)
There is Octfest food available for purchase (and beer etc.))
and places to sit and eat.

You can read about  The Barn HERE

Tuesday 10 September 2019


Spare Change aka Tim and Doug have 2 Friday night romantic exotic Sunset cruises left of GBL.
The grub is good and the music is great :)  Sept. 13 + 20  (2019)

NOTE.  The new autumn cruise time is 6pm.   6-8!

There's a rumour out there that we will have a guest singer that night.

Thursday 27 June 2019


Please note: H+H July 7 Little Texas cancelled!

HALLMAN AND HOFFMAN  have just picked up a last minute gig.
Creekside in Battersea Saturday June 29 (2019)  3-7pm.

Thursday 13 June 2019

Colonial Resort performances

July 2, 10,16,   August 26  + more in the fall!


cartoon from downtown Havana :)

half moon bay

The music director will be playing the 'Half Moon Bay' Church service on Sunday August 4th.(2019) In case you don't know - it's a Gan tradition - church service on Sunday afternoon on Bostwick Island. There are free boat rides out to the service. (yes FREE!!!!) The 'minister' that day is non other than Arch Deacon George V. Lambert - Anglican parish of the St. Lawrence, Brockville. The hymns are well-known classics :) Service is at 4pm. Meet the shuttle boats at Lions Lauching ramp docks (currently under water) at 3:15pm. If this continues - wear rubber boots. As far as I know it's rain or shine - there is an electric piano being used - it might be electrocute the piano player time.

Monday 8 April 2019

Don't bring your dancing shoes!

I am playing in a trio with Terry, Gary Barratt under the name 
'The Tim Hallman Trio'
on Saturday night.
We chose to use this name because we think it is classier sounding than 'Spare Change'.
This is a wine tasting weekend in DT Kingston and we are strictly background music for the event.
(I wouldn't expect to much 'country' background music!)
It is at The Residence Inn Marriot. 7 Earl St. Kingston 
Ball room main floor, Waterfront.
We will be playing 7-10.

Here is the link to the event.

Thursday 28 February 2019

MARCH 17/19

Well my name is MacNamara........
The way I have it figured, 
I'm 1/8 Irish, (on my mother's side)
going back 2 generations 
IF everyone is 'pure'.
After all my name IS Timothy.

Monday 28 January 2019

Youtube 2018

Unknown to me, Brenda Cowan posted a video(s) from a Sunday afternoon dance.
Summer clothes.....remember that?

Saturday 12 January 2019

You never know

One never knows how a name can completely change meaning because of 
changes in politics or other social conditions.
eg - there's a clothing store in Brockville called ISIS.

A song co-written by Ben and I in early 90's has new meaning....

The Wall (Hallman-Dolansky) 

1~As I looked out my window..
Tell you what I saw  
Something there in front of me 
Something big and tall 
Can you guess it? 
Can you tell me what I saw?  
It's part of you  It's part of me 
But we don't realize it at all. 
  2~People build them all the time 
Build them in our hearts 
Brick by brick we build them up  
Tearing’ us apart 
Can you guess it? 
Can you tell me what I saw? 
It's part of you... 
3~We build them up.......... 
We can tear them down again 
Piece by piece.... 
So broken hearts can mend 
And when it comes down 
We'll be lovers 
we'll be friends (once again?) 
  4~....Let’s go and get a hammer! 
Tear down the wall that stands between us 
Piece by piece it's comin' on down 
.....Let's do it right now! 
....Take it right down  
.....Let's be lovers once again.