Friday 17 February 2023

Hey Baby! What's going on?

I know many out there are confused about the 'goings on' of 'Hallman + Hoffman' so here, of the top of my head, is a little summary of what's happening. March 3. We were contacted months ago by the former '39 Club Belleville' for 4 dates - now held at the Trenton Legion. (the Dec. has been cancelled because the Legion rented the hall) So....March 3 Trenton Legion upstairs 7:30 - 11:30 Also June 2, and Sept. 1. March 11. RCL Collin's Bay 1-5pm in the lounge. (cover $5) I recently accompanied my old musical friend Mary Jo Maur She is a Queen's Law Professor now, who loves to sing. We used to play as a duo at Aunt Lucy's and Ramada Inn Belleville. Last Thursday night, we were at the Trinity Social Club - corner Division and Princess. There were 200 law students - just screaming at Professor Maur for a charity event. So.......MJ says she would be honoured to come and appear with H+H March 11. It will be a matter of 'standing in' for a few songs. March 17 long story but basically we are at RCL Brockville 1-4:30pm in the downstairs room and RCL Merrickville. 7-10:30 haha in the upstairs room! We will play/sing about 12 Irish songs - generally not so great for dancing - at a dance - but whatever. It'll be fun. June 21 August 16 H+H trio (with drums) outdoors at Rockport starting around 7 - more later Also July 19 Rockport Trio with Tim, John McElroy on bass .........and 'drums' This is a 20's Theme night so we shall play quite a lot of old songs. very old! Later...................