Friday 19 May 2017

May 19 2017 Busy weekend for H+H

Tonight we make our triumphant return to the fabulous Merrickville Legion.
(ie after I play at Wedgewood 3-4)
This is a weekly Friday night dinner - dance.
It should be well attended with boaters on the Rideau for the BIG weekend. 
That's why they booked the BIG band!:)
SOUND @ 7.

Monday we'll be at an outdoor picnic at the Jone's Falls Locks
(on the west side in a little park - you can find it)
Sound @12-2
See the little park? (like - behind the 2nd boat) 
They even have a tent set up for us.
Bring your own pop and desert. Methinks it's a barbecue.
and last but not least  - Sunday night I'll be at the Elgin's Lion's Hall 
playing for a Mason's lady's night! 
It's a dinner and listen to Tim for a bit.
Music starts at 6 dinner at 6:30 

Friday 5 May 2017

Brockville Multi Cultural Festival

Tonight (May 5, 2017) these ruffians are performing at the Brockville Multi Cultural Festival.
(Brockville Memorial Center). (I assume the ice is out)
We are scheduled for 8:15 and later, but I expect we'll do one show for about an hour instead.
(otherwise moving equipment on-off stage twice grrrrrrr)
We have 2 shows planned - at '50s-60's' and an International.
Expect a polka or two.
When Irish eyes are smiling............

in the pic - the 2 on the right are at RCL 631, Collin's Bay
Saturday 1-5 pm i.e. May 6, 2017