Thursday, 21 January 2021

I almost forgot I have a blog

Thankyou. It’s already up to watch over and over for 2ays I've got my first Facebook live concert at 7:30 This link should take you to it. Gotta get ready!!!

Friday, 30 October 2020


A number of years ago I recorded a guitar player - singer named Orville Rumleski, who lives near Timmins. (long story) From July to now I've been slowly re-recording the instruments, and adding guitar by Mark Wilkins, Orville writes and sings country gospel music. My function in the whole process was to record him and be the instruments - like drums, bass, piano. In fact I was even a string orchestra and choir all by myself. So...if you're interested check him out at There's an album there called Rescue Me which I'm not involved in but the band in all the others is 'me'. Sometimes I'm even a background singer! (also at Bandcamp is thousands of others including Michael K. Myers, Don Norman and 'moi'.

Tomorrow and Sunday

I'm playing a grand piano in the centre of the 

Firehall Theatre, Gananoque 

main performance room, 

with artisans and their art surrounding me, 

tomorrow Oct.31/20 and Sunday Nov 1/20

from 12-3pm. each day

Be sure to come at the right time, Sunday!

I will be playing whatever mellow sounding schmoozing music that comes into my head.

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 -Wear a mask but leave the gun at home.


Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Thursday night August 27/2020

 Hope y'all are enjoying the summer!

On Thursday night, I am playing in a 4 piece band in a Karen Carpenter Show - live streamed.

I repeat 'Live streamed' and only live streamed.

This starts Jan Wilkens and hubby Mark on bass, Gary Barrat on drums and moi.   All but Gary will sing.

Now this is a little tricky so listen close! It's 7-8 pm show!  sponsored by the musicians union.

At about 6:50. go to

At that site at close to 7pm the show shall appear.

I hope you're able to enjoy this audienceless show!

If you have problems try!

my Facebook page

Kingston Musician's Union facebook page