Monday 12 June 2023

More about Rockport

All dates 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Longest day of the year .........Hallman and Hoffman
July 19. .......Tim + John McElroy (bass) + Gary Barratt (drums)
Ain't Misbehavin', 5'2", Bye Bye Blues, Camptown Races....
August 16. ...........Hallman and Hoffman

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Calendar for the next few months! altered see July 1, 2.

These are 'open to the public' events!
May 27 H+H Trenton Legion dance 1-5 (upstairs) large dance floor - tile floor - bar - beautiful view!

June 2 H+H. Quinte 39 Club at TRENTON LEGION dance 7:30-11:30pm

June 3. MK MYers and the 'Cool Knights" - 5 piece band doing MKM original songs. RCHA Kingston 8-11

June 9 H+H. RCL Merrickville 7-10. dinner followed by dance

June 16 H+H RCL Gananoque 7-10

June 21. H+H. outdoors evening Rockport. 6:30 the sun will shine see picture

July 1 RCL Napanee H+H 1-5

July 2 H+H Royal Tavern 2.0 4pm-7

July 15 H+H playing at a wedding

July 19 Rockport outdoors 6:30 trio Tim +Bass John McElroy and beat beat beat. Maybe a secret 4th instruments also - stay tuned

July 21 Tim at Lansdowne Fair 4-6 under a tent

July 22 Tim at TIA Shore Breakfast at Playhouse in Gan at 8am!

July 23 Tim at Half Moon Bay church service outdoors - it never rains - free boat ride to the Bay - service in the afternoon

AUGUST 16 H+H ROCKPORT outdoors 6:30

SEPTEMBER 1 Quinte 39 Club at TRENTON LEGION dance 7:30-11:30pm
SEPTEMBER 29 RCL BARRHAVEN dinner - dance music 7-10:30

December 3 RCL Toldeo H+H. 2-5 + supper
December 23 H+H Morton Hall dinner and dance
New year's Eve H+H. RCL Merrickville
New Year's day. H+H RCL Brockville LEVEE

Half Moon Bay

Friday 17 February 2023

Hey Baby! What's going on?

I know many out there are confused about the 'goings on' of 'Hallman + Hoffman' so here, of the top of my head, is a little summary of what's happening. March 3. We were contacted months ago by the former '39 Club Belleville' for 4 dates - now held at the Trenton Legion. (the Dec. has been cancelled because the Legion rented the hall) So....March 3 Trenton Legion upstairs 7:30 - 11:30 Also June 2, and Sept. 1. March 11. RCL Collin's Bay 1-5pm in the lounge. (cover $5) I recently accompanied my old musical friend Mary Jo Maur She is a Queen's Law Professor now, who loves to sing. We used to play as a duo at Aunt Lucy's and Ramada Inn Belleville. Last Thursday night, we were at the Trinity Social Club - corner Division and Princess. There were 200 law students - just screaming at Professor Maur for a charity event. So.......MJ says she would be honoured to come and appear with H+H March 11. It will be a matter of 'standing in' for a few songs. March 17 long story but basically we are at RCL Brockville 1-4:30pm in the downstairs room and RCL Merrickville. 7-10:30 haha in the upstairs room! We will play/sing about 12 Irish songs - generally not so great for dancing - at a dance - but whatever. It'll be fun. June 21 August 16 H+H trio (with drums) outdoors at Rockport starting around 7 - more later Also July 19 Rockport Trio with Tim, John McElroy on bass .........and 'drums' This is a 20's Theme night so we shall play quite a lot of old songs. very old! Later...................

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Thursday night. RCHA. 7-10pm. Tim and Mike

Thursday night...Jan19/23 I'm playing at Kingston's RCHA club (Ontario St.) with Michael K. Myers. (just me and MKM) If you aren't aware - there is a decent sized dance floor and, being Thursday night, it seems logical there will be room to dance. There is no cover change and here is a list of songs we will play. It seems GOOGLE BLOGGER doesn't like lists - but yo get the idea.
Set 1 Blueberry Hill C Moonglow   G Things (Bobby Darin) Ramblin Rose A ANOTHER SAT NIGHT E I Remember You A Return To Sender  D/     All Shook Up A Tennessee Waltz. A 2 C Sway  Dm I Wouldn’t Change You E Don’t Get Around C Special Angel Bb Alley Cat (Tim) C/F 4 Strong Winds G Is Anybody Goin to SA  G Set 2 Music Box Dancer Memphis E Can’t Help Falling In Love D King Of The Road. C2C# White Sports Coat (Tim) In The Mood A Green Green Grass E Aint Misbehavin  C The Way You Look Tonight  D   Margaritaville D Save The Last Dance E2F Roses Are Red Sweet Caroline C Release Me  E/G Proud Mary A Set 3 Spanish Eyes (blue) Dream Lover (A) Girl From Ipanema F Kansas City A Could I Have This Dance E/F Jamaica Farewell  D Under The Boardwalk E Bye Bye Blues (Tim) G All Of Me (C)