Wednesday 24 May 2023

Calendar for the next few months! altered see July 1, 2.

These are 'open to the public' events!
May 27 H+H Trenton Legion dance 1-5 (upstairs) large dance floor - tile floor - bar - beautiful view!

June 2 H+H. Quinte 39 Club at TRENTON LEGION dance 7:30-11:30pm

June 3. MK MYers and the 'Cool Knights" - 5 piece band doing MKM original songs. RCHA Kingston 8-11

June 9 H+H. RCL Merrickville 7-10. dinner followed by dance

June 16 H+H RCL Gananoque 7-10

June 21. H+H. outdoors evening Rockport. 6:30 the sun will shine see picture

July 1 RCL Napanee H+H 1-5

July 2 H+H Royal Tavern 2.0 4pm-7

July 15 H+H playing at a wedding

July 19 Rockport outdoors 6:30 trio Tim +Bass John McElroy and beat beat beat. Maybe a secret 4th instruments also - stay tuned

July 21 Tim at Lansdowne Fair 4-6 under a tent

July 22 Tim at TIA Shore Breakfast at Playhouse in Gan at 8am!

July 23 Tim at Half Moon Bay church service outdoors - it never rains - free boat ride to the Bay - service in the afternoon

AUGUST 16 H+H ROCKPORT outdoors 6:30

SEPTEMBER 1 Quinte 39 Club at TRENTON LEGION dance 7:30-11:30pm
SEPTEMBER 29 RCL BARRHAVEN dinner - dance music 7-10:30

December 3 RCL Toldeo H+H. 2-5 + supper
December 23 H+H Morton Hall dinner and dance
New year's Eve H+H. RCL Merrickville
New Year's day. H+H RCL Brockville LEVEE

Half Moon Bay

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