Saturday 17 November 2012

39 Club

Michael Myers and I had a great 'gig' at the Kingston 39 Club last night, at the RCL 631, Collin's Bay.  
   For those who are unaware,  it's a social - dance 'club' that's been in existence for at least 60 years. Michael and I play at the club roughly every 6 weeks - but not quite 'regularly'.
We play a mix of old country and old 'pop' (Neil Sedaka, ElvisJim Reeves, Texas Tornados). There are very popular bands at the club who just play country music, so we're rather known as the 'pop' types - the 'rockers' - which appeals to some, and not others (but enough to fill the place last night).  In this wacky world,  there aren't many pure dances left where an adult can go, so it's a great spot for us.
We play three, one-hour sets with two, 15 minute breaks.'s 8-9, 9:15-10:15, and 10:30-11:30.  There's one 'meet new friends'-type dance every set, and a snack at the end.
Update Dec.15.  A wonderful sold out Christmas dance last night. Thanks to the many volunteers who decorated the hall, and organized the evening. (see schedule for upcoming dates)

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