Thursday 20 December 2012

People I've played with!

Tim in a warmer place.
   I was reading somebody's web site, and the artist did some 'name dropping'.   So, I thought I should do that, myself.  I'll try to do this… from the beginning.
~1967 - one of my first jobs ever, I playing in London, Ontario, with 'The Trendsetters' and we were hired to back up Bobby Vee an the old London Arena. We rehearsed with him in the afternoon, and performed in the evening for 3000.   The Trendsetters were the warm up act for The Turtles and Question Mark and the Mysterions, that year.
~1968 - on the CTV 'It's Happening Show' with Robbie Lane.  We pre-recorded all the band tracks. Robbie and guest singers, sang live to our tracks and we faked it! (that is how a sax player dances and sings at the same time) However, in this show , I was on stage with Robbie,  Eddie Floyd, Andy Kim, Grant Smith (minus The Power), Diane Brooks,  Rhonda Silver. The latter 2 were regular Toronto session singers.    There were other guests. Robbie still performs with a version of 'The Disciples' regularly in Toronto.
In the fall of 1968, I performed in the 'Orange Tangerine' with my first cousin (Kitchener) Paul Stouffer.  Paul (the guitar player) has gone on to become a renowned Canadian jazz pianist
~In 1969,  I moved to Kingston and the pace is a bit slower.
Adrian Filius
Lucien Beaudoin
John Van Noten
Bruce Smith
Dan Kasaboski (since 1970)
Michelle Kasaboski
Carol Anne Kasaboski
Brian Hinchey
Greg Travers
Paul Stouffer's son Joel Stauffer
Doug Gravelle (since about 1994)
Lise de Kok
David CM Smith
Ed Thompson
Mark Ready
Wayne Scott
James Wannamaker
John Storms
Terry Hoffman (early 90's and today)
Mary Jo Maur (since 1988)
and many others…….

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