Thursday 28 May 2015

...about 39 Club Fish and Game Swing sound

HALLMAN+HOFFMAN perform at '39 Club' held at the Belleville Fish and Game Club
However, I was approached by the club and asked to put together (about a) 5 piece group for a (sort of) big band sound.  So...we played once last year and will again June 12 and Hallowe'en night
The band consists of 
ME (piano and bass) 
Wayne Morris on drums, 
Kent Smith, trombone, 
Jim Trott, trumpet
Ed Thompson Tenor Sax and clarinet

We are reading charts and the music is mostly 'swing' standards.
There will be a few waltzes thrown in too....and Latin and a polka.
The dance is 8-12 and there is a half hour snack at 10:30

If you want more info please call Dan Brady (613) 395-0162
PS: There is a large, wonderful, dance floor.


  1. Says H + H performing at '39 Club' but I don't see Hoffman's name in the list of performers?

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