Friday 19 May 2017

May 19 2017 Busy weekend for H+H

Tonight we make our triumphant return to the fabulous Merrickville Legion.
(ie after I play at Wedgewood 3-4)
This is a weekly Friday night dinner - dance.
It should be well attended with boaters on the Rideau for the BIG weekend. 
That's why they booked the BIG band!:)
SOUND @ 7.

Monday we'll be at an outdoor picnic at the Jone's Falls Locks
(on the west side in a little park - you can find it)
Sound @12-2
See the little park? (like - behind the 2nd boat) 
They even have a tent set up for us.
Bring your own pop and desert. Methinks it's a barbecue.
and last but not least  - Sunday night I'll be at the Elgin's Lion's Hall 
playing for a Mason's lady's night! 
It's a dinner and listen to Tim for a bit.
Music starts at 6 dinner at 6:30 

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