Thursday 9 November 2017

THE WEEKEND OF NOV. 10-11-12, 2017.

Friday night H+H at RCLBell's Corner's. @7:30.
If you go to their website you'll see they have incorrectly labelled us as a country band, 
but as you know, we are much more. :)

Saturday RCL Brockville 1-5 
H+H + Doug better known as Spare Change the trio.
It is always a major event there. (what with Brockville rifles etc.)
We will be performing about 10 'war hits'
We'll Meet Again
White Cliffs of Dover
Lili Marlene
Long way to Tip
Pack up your troubles
Berkley Square

Saturday night Muskie Jakes Gananoque 8pm - 11.
i.e. Gananoque Inn
Spare Change i.e. Tim and Doug

Sunday church Lyn at 10:30 (for the public), 
9:30 for me.   (choir practise)

......there are other private gigs, Friday, afternoon.
Have a close look at Doug's cymbal stand.
zoom right in!

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