Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Octoberfest 2018 The Barn

On October 13, 2018.  where  Hallman and Hoffman @6-9:30 pm 
There is some sort of fundraiser for a Rockport group
(seems humorous doesn't it - fundraising for Rockport :)
at 'The Barn', owned by Erich Prohaska (or family?) formerly involved in 
the Austrian Club and Boathouse Hotel in Rockport.   
You can read about it HERE.    or HERE.   or HERE
 It is officially an Octoberfest event and it should be  LARGE + FUN.
They are selling 90 tickets in advance and that will be 'it' if it rains.
Otherwise it is open to the masses, and will be indoors and outdoors.
Over several years, I have been collecting Octoberfest songs for such and event.
I have used a website that I stumbled onto.
Check it out - it's very bizarre and interesting - I've become FB friends with the guy!

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