Thursday 3 January 2013

The Brockville Legion

Brockville Legion front entrance
I performed (again) at the Brockville Legion on New Year's day.  It is a large Legion and thus requires many volunteers.  So here's a big cheer for the volunteers that make it happen.  
   I have played in the past for quite a few of their monthly Birthday parties and Rememberance Day, and I played for the last ever 39 Club of Brockville dance! (this would be an example of the Legion being used by the community) 
   The Legion has a nice lounge and a large 'dance hall',  with a great dance floor.  So visit their site and 'check em out'!   
   For you native Brockvillians reading this,  my first ever Brockville job was 1968, at a Sunday night dance, at the Tiki Club. Yikes!

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